Managing a bespoke interiors project for just one room can be a big undertaking. So managing the transformation of multiple rooms at once requires careful planning, attention to detail and great coordination.

From managing the design of multiple rooms, to creating a home that flows into one cohesive space, here’s what you should consider when taking on a home transformation project.

Plan Your Projects Together

First things first, if you’re planning more than one bespoke interior project, it’s a good idea to plan and carry out your projects at the same time, rather than in stages.

You’ll ultimately save money, time and minimise the disruption to your home and day to day lifestyle.

You’ll also see better results from planning and designing all of your spaces at once. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture and focus on the overall design and feel of your home.

Craft a Cohesive Design

The key to a perfect home transformation is crafting a cohesive design scheme that carries through across all of your spaces.

Pay attention to detail, carrying small touches like textures, colours and materials through from one space to another.

Being able to think of each space as a whole, rather than separate rooms, is a huge advantage of embarking on a single home transformation project.


Play to the Strengths of Each Room

While we’ve talked about thinking of your rooms as a single unified space, it’s also important to think about each space separately and play to the strengths of each.

If your kitchen is bathed in natural light, build your design around this. If your bathroom has high, oak beam ceilings, take advantage of them.

The secret to a successful home transformation project is creating a unified space that still plays to the strengths of each room.

Using a professional designer for your project will help you to achieve the right balance.


Don’t Buy Your Own Fittings

When you’re embarking on a home transformation, costs can mount up quickly, and sourcing fixtures, fittings and furniture through your designer is a simple way of making savings.

Professional interior designers may have access to the highest quality suppliers at discounted rates. So talk to a designer about your vision for your home, and they’ll be able to give you access to the very best fixtures for your home.

Plan and Schedule Carefully

Probably the most complex and daunting part of a home transformation project is planning and scheduling.

With multiple contractors, suppliers and spaces to organise, creating a great plan and sticking to it will be the difference between a project that runs smoothly, and one that doesn’t.

You’ll need to make sure than any structural work is booked in first, followed by finishes and added touches.

It’s also a good idea to make every big decision before your project starts, and try to avoid changing your mind once it does. This will make a big difference in how your project runs.

The easiest way to ensure your home transformation runs smoothly, is to use the services of a professional interior design team like us here at Twenty 5 Design.

Our team is experienced at managing multiple bespoke projects, and will be able to plan every stage of your transformation through from start to finish.


Book a One-on-One Showroom Visit

Whether you have a fully formed idea ready to go, or you’d like help exploring a new bespoke home project, booking a one-to-one consultation at our showroom is a great place to start.

At your personal, one-to-one appointment, we’ll have an informal chat about how we can work with you to create your dream home.

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