Adding a kitchen island to your space can be a fantastic way of adding surface area, function and character.

Using a kitchen island well can give your room added practicality, as well as making it a more enjoyable space to cook, entertain and relax in.

A beautiful kitchen island can be a stunning focal point for your kitchen, or can cleverly hide away equipment you don’t want on display. Here’s how to create a beautiful, yet functional kitchen island.

Think about Function

Firstly, you need to think about what your kitchen island will be for. You should only use a kitchen island if it has a place and purpose in the room.

Your island could be designed in many different ways, and should be tailored to its function, so consider how you will use your kitchen island and base your choices around it.

You may need storage space, somewhere to eat dinner or something to tie the room together, and carefully thinking about the function of your kitchen island to begin with will give you a much more enjoyable experience of using it every day.

Add Seating

You could use your kitchen island to add extra seating space to the room. This could be particularly useful if your kitchen is on the smaller side, or you want to devote dining space to something else.

You could create a breakfast bar from your island and use the space for eating in the morning, or just use it as a general casual dining area.

Adding seating is a great idea for creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere in your kitchen. You’ll have a more adaptable space, ready for eating, cooking or entertaining.

Plan Extra Storage

Having a kitchen island also gives you a great opportunity to include some extra storage in your space.

If designed well, you can use your island to show off anything from cookbooks to accessories, adding more homely touches to your kitchen.

You could also use it to hide away or conceal any equipment that could spoil the visual look of your kitchen.

Your island can help create a cleaner, sleeker kitchen, or a characterful living space, depending on how you design and use it. Storing items in your kitchen island can de-clutter workspace and give you more worktop for preparing and cooking food.

Use a Statement Worktop

A bold, statement worktop on your kitchen island can create a unique and awe inspiring focal point for your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen in Huddersfield - Longwood

Think about using exotic or unusual materials like copper or stainless steel to create contrast between your island and the rest of your kitchen. If you’d like some kitchen worktop inspiration, why not read our blog on 5 beautiful kitchen worktop materials you haven’t considered.

A statement worktop can make your kitchen island, and your whole space truly unique and personal to you. Think about materials that would contrast interestingly with the rest of your kitchen, but would still fit in with the style and design.

Make Use of Lighting

If you’re going to be using your kitchen island for preparing or eating food, you’ll have to think about some appropriate lighting.

You could use some low hanging lights to create mood and atmosphere in your kitchen, as well as letting you use your worktop space effectively.

Investing in your lighting can make all the difference to how the island fits into your kitchen. It can help create flow throughout the space and focus the eye on your kitchen island, making it an interesting focal point.

Add Character

Your kitchen island doesn’t have to be a standard block of cabinets topped with a worktop. You can experiment with other shapes, sizes and furniture to craft a truly individual island.

For example, you could use a piece of vintage furniture to add character to the space and reflect your personality in your kitchen island.

You can think outside the box with your kitchen island and add something both functional and creative to your kitchen.

Take a look at our Pinterest board…

We’ve put together some kitchen island inspiration into a Pinterest board to help you create your own beautiful and functional kitchen island.

If you think about function and create something unique to your kitchen and personality, you’ll have a individual and eye catching island that’s a joy to use every day.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch.