Glass and mirrors make excellent materials for your kitchen. They can create the illusion of space and help spread light throughout the room. Using glass and mirrors in your kitchen can turn a small, cramped space into an open and airy kitchen, perfect for relaxing or entertaining.

If used in the wrong way, glass and mirrors can extenuate the wrong parts of your kitchen or put your natural focal point to waste.

However, if you use glass and mirrors correctly, you can transform your kitchen and make the most of your home’s natural features. Here’s how to use glass and mirrors to create an open, spacious kitchen:

Place Glass & Mirrors with Purpose

When placing glass and mirrors in your kitchen, think carefully about where you position them.

Place with purpose

When using a mirror, consider what will be reflected and how this will add to your space. You could place a mirror opposite windows to reflect light and spread it across your kitchen? You could also place a mirror reflecting key features or focal points to add extra emphasis.

If you’re using glass, think about where it will be most useful.

You don’t want to go overboard, so use glass where it makes sense and adds to the space. You could use it to create a glass wall or shelving unit that forms a partition between two spaces for example.

Enhance Your Cabinets

Replacing your cabinets with glass or mirrored fronts is a simple and effective way of incorporating glass into your kitchen.

Enhance cabinets

Using glass doors will allow you to display the contents of a cupboard. While this may not be useful for every front, displaying beautiful crockery or some of your prized possessions can really add a sense of homeliness and create more of a lived in feeling for your kitchen.

You could also use mirrored cupboards to create a sense of space. This is particularly useful for breaking up large kitchen units and allows you to add extra storage without your kitchen feeling cramped or dark.

You could even use painted glass cabinets to create a clean, high quality finish. This technique involves painting the back of the glass so that the front still remains glossy, and you achieve a perfectly clean finish.

Let The Light Pass Through

If the layout of your kitchen is unusual, or you just want to create a more spacious feeling, using glass and mirrors is a great way to let the light just pass through the space.

You could add mirrors to a central pillar and stop it from breaking up the flow of your space. You could also use mirrors to direct light round corners or into darker parts of your kitchen space. Mirrors can be fantastic for making the most of your kitchen’s natural light sources.

Forming any partitions or dividers in your kitchen from glass can help the light flow through your kitchen. Using glass allows you to subtly partition your living space without blocking light. You could even use textured glass to create a soothing and interesting effect as the light passes through.

Add Some Character

Glass and mirrors don’t have to be clean and simple. You can use faded or textured glass to create a visually interesting focal point for your kitchen. A textured glass would make a great splash-back for example.

You could also use faded mirrors for an aged, rustic effect. This kind effect works perfectly in a country kitchen and can add a little character to your space.

As well as using textured glass you could also use coloured glass to help create a soothing and serene atmosphere in your kitchen. Using a coloured glass can help to create a cool, calming glow as the light passes through.

Use Finishing Touches with Glass & Mirrors

As well as being fantastic for creating bold, statement pieces, glass and mirrors can also be great for adding subtle finishing touches to a space.

Glass bowls, light fittings and other touches can blend into your kitchen, helping to create a clean and minimalistic look. While mirrored finishing touches can add a sense of opulence and grandeur to your kitchen.

For example, a glass plant pot will let its natural contents shine through, adding elements of nature to the space. Alternatively, a mirrored fruit bowl will reflect the surroundings, blending into the rest of your kitchen.

Using glass and mirrors can help keep the look and feel of your kitchen clean and simple, while allowing you to add small touches and practical elements.

Our Pinterest Board

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In Summary…

Glass and mirrors are amazing materials for creating a sense of space and light in your kitchen. They can emphasise your kitchen’s natural features, and make up for some drawbacks.

If you’re looking to create a kitchen space that’s light, airy and spacious, using mirrors and glass could be the way to go.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch.