Choosing the right kitchen designer can be the key to creating the kitchen of your dreams. The right designer can use their skills, expertise and creative flair to give you a space that looks stunning, while still being practical for everyday use.

Having a bespoke kitchen designed is a rewarding, but often complex process. So having the right designer by your side can help guide you towards the right materials, layout and style. The most skilled designers can do all of this, while completing your project on time and on budget.

Here are 7 things to look for in a bespoke kitchen designer:

Great Recommendations

A good place to start when researching potential designers is their recommendations. The ultimate endorsement for any designer is a happy client, so check for reviews and testimonials to give yourself an insight into their processes.

Taking in the experiences that others have had is a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with how a designer works, and how they meet the expectations of their clients.

You could also look for professional reviews and awards. Has the designer received any industry awards recently? If they have, they are clearly recognised as an industry leader and are doing good work to an excellent standard.

A Stellar Portfolio

Next, take a look at their past portfolio. Get a feel for the kind of work the designer does and think about whether they’d be able to meet your needs.

Stellar portfolio

You should be looking for signs of variation in any designer’s portfolio. This shows that they are able to adapt and understand the needs and wishes of their clients. A portfolio that shows many different styles, shapes and sizes of kitchens, all executed to a high standard, is the sign of a skilled designer.

You may even be able to find some inspiration in their portfolio for your own space. Researching the designer thoroughly will give you a better idea of what they are able to achieve.

Can Offer Feedback

Once you make initial contact with a potential designer, they should be able to offer constructive feedback on your ideas and vision.

After all, you’ll be paying for their experience and expertise, so you want a designer that is able to guide and work with you. The designer should be able to help to work towards a practical vision, and should offer suggestions as to what will work well and what may need tweaking.

A great, trustworthy designer has your best interests at heart, and would rather co-operate with you to craft a kitchen you’ll love than encourage you to accept ideas you may regret in the long run.

An experienced designer will be able to use their knowledge to make the most of your space, and help you create a kitchen that is truly unique.

Ability to be Flexible

A great kitchen designer will understand that flexibility is important. You ideas and opinions will change as the process develops and a skilled designer should be able to accommodate some changes.

Your designer should provide you with a few alternative concepts, and should be responsive to feedback. After all, this is your kitchen, and a designer should want to ensure that you are totally happy before the process moves forward.

As well as taking on-board your feedback, you should also be looking for a kitchen designer who can work to any time constraints you may have. Although an expert will be able to give you an indication of what’s possible in your available time-frame, they should be able to work with deadlines in mind. A signal of a professional and reliable designer is the ability to complete projects on time.

An Understanding of Your Vision

One thing that signifies a truly expert kitchen designer is a deep and comprehensive understanding of your vision.

Understanding your vision

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the time to manage the entire project yourself. So it’s essential that a designer understands what you are looking to achieve, from initial design, right through to installation. As a designer should be able to manage the sourcing, design and installation of your kitchen, they need a thorough understanding of your vision.

Whether a designer understands your vision or not should be visible from their initial concepts. Your kitchen designer should be able to turn your thoughts and ideas into a workable concept that fits your brief.

Willing to Work to a Budget

As well as understanding your vision and time constraints, a great designer will also be able to achieve the look and feel you envision, within your budget.

They will be able to tell you what is possible for the budget available, and may even be able to find some clever workarounds to provide you with a premium look for a reasonable cost. For example, expert designers will have a thorough understanding of materials and finishes that may allow them to suggest an option that brings your designs within budget.

A great designer is resourceful, and can work to produce a beautiful kitchen that’s perfect for your space, and within your budget. They shouldn't attempt to up-sell you on fixtures and materials that strain your budget or don’t enhance the look and feel of your new kitchen.

Access to Amazing Materials

Finally, a fantastic bespoke kitchen designer has access to wonderful brands and materials. They should be able to provide you with the latest finishes and innovative materials, from copper worktops to marble floors.

Amazing Materials

Your bespoke kitchen should be totally unique, and access to the best manufacturers and finishing touches will allow your designer to achieve this.

The most well regarded and exclusive kitchen suppliers won’t just work with anyone, so a designer with access to top brands must clearly display skill and expertise. Not only that, but you’ll want to ensure any designer has access to the contacts and brands that can help craft a unique and jaw-dropping look for your kitchen.

In Summary…

Having a bespoke kitchen designed, built and installed involves many smaller purchases, parts and finishing touches that all need to work in harmony together. A professional, creative and experienced designer can work with you to produce a space that is a stunning focal point for your home.

Not all designers are capable of understanding your vision, working with you and crafting an amazing kitchen. Choosing the right designer can be the key to your perfect kitchen.

At Twenty 5 Design, our designers have years of experience in turning your vision into the perfect kitchen space for relaxing, dining and entertaining. If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch.