Grey can be a wonderful kitchen colour choice. The right tones and uses can create a space that’s light, calming and serene. Perfect for winding down with a glass of wine after a long day.

Some people may think of grey as a strange colour choice for the kitchen. It has historically been thought of as a clean but cold colour - perhaps not something you’d want to introduce to a space where you spend time relaxing and entertaining. However, the truth is far from it.

So here’s how to use the colour grey to create a calming and serene kitchen:

Pair with Warming Materials

Grey alone can often appear cold, particularly in the darker months when the nights are drawing in. This is why it can be beneficial to combine the use of grey with warmer materials.

Warming Materials

Try using wood for your kitchen worktops to add warmth and texture to your space and keep your kitchen form being too uniform and plain. Using wood for your flooring is another fantastic idea for bringing warmer materials to your grey kitchen. A light, wooden floor will complement grey cabinets perfectly and also help create a unified kitchen space.

Using copper in your kitchen is another great way to add warmth. Copper will add a rustic and slightly industrial feel to a space, something that complements the use of grey wonderfully. It will also leave you with tactile surfaces that add plenty of depth and effortless style.

Create Sharp Cabinets

Grey can be really impactful when you’re looking to create a clean, sharp look. Adding grey to your cabinets is the perfect way to do this. Unless you have lots of full height cabinets, try using a deeper, bolder grey for your cabinets and contrast this with a lighter or natural counter-top.

Using your cabinets specifically to add grey to a kitchen is great for incorporating the colour in a functional way, one that adds sophistication to fittings that occupy a large portion of your kitchen space. Cabinets that meet the floor will also add great contrast with wooden or textured flooring materials.

Grey cabinets can produce a bold and interesting kitchen look, without seeming too simple or uninteresting. Even better, this technique works really well both for modern kitchens, and more traditional ones.

Accentuate with Colour

If you really want to build an exciting space that’s perfect for entertaining, accentuate your grey walls or cabinets with splashes of colour. As long as you keep these colours in natural hues, you’ll still have a calming space that’s adaptable. Just right for those times when you want to relax.

You could add chairs in a pastel or natural green tone for a touch of nature, or even install a deep red cooker to create a statement piece that contrasts with the rest of your space and creates a powerful accent colour.

Let the Light In

When using the colour grey in your kitchen, be sure to allow plenty of natural light into the space. You could add full height french, sliding or bi-fold doors to your kitchen to let the light flood in and really make the most of grey tones. This will really accentuate the light airy feel of your kitchen for a serene atmosphere.

Particularly when the colder months arrive and the nights draw in, using light greys can be a fantastic way of adding light to your kitchen without resorting to traditional whites.

Add a Dramatic Backsplash

One way to use grey in your kitchen that will really add the wow factor to the space is through a full height backsplash. Rather than just painting a wall grey, using a backsplash will add drama to the room.

As well as being practical, a full height backsplash can be a beautiful feature that sets the tone for the rest of the room. A grey backsplash can be bold or calming, depending on the hues you choose. A light grey can be simple and light, whereas a darker tone will create a sophisticated space.

Bring Out Nature

If you’re worried about grey appearing too clinical for your kitchen, accessorising with natural touches such as plants, food, fruits and vegetables can counteract this and allow you to build your kitchen space around nature.

Bring Out Nature

Adding accessories such as a fruit bowl has the advantage of giving your kitchen a lived in feel, as well as adding texture and colour that will add depth to the space.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Grey can be a powerful colour, and can even be overwhelming if not used correctly. That’s why you should consider using grey as an accent colour for your kitchen. Grey tones are fantastic at bringing out the best in other colours and really lifting your kitchen to the next level.

Grey can add a clean, sharp edge to your kitchen and still allow you to build a warm and inviting space. It can add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen through something as simple as using modern, grey handles. You could also use grey as an accent by including grey plant pots and jars to focus attention on their contents.

In Summary…

Whilst grey may not be the first colour you’d think of for a kitchen, it can be fantastic for creating a clean, simple and calming space. As long as you combine grey with other colours and textures like wood or copper, it will result in a warm and relaxing kitchen. Grey is a flexible colour that can give you a kitchen fit for any occasion or mood.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a variety of kitchens in our portfolio which use the colour grey beautifully, from this contemporary kitchen in Rothwell to this modern kitchen in Doncaster.