Green is a perfect colour for kitchens. When used well, it creates a fresh, natural space that’s full of life. A kitchen that uses green to its full potential is an exciting place to relax, cook and entertain. It fits wonderfully with an outside space and blurs the lines between a living and functional space.

Stick to Natural Shades

There are too many shades of green to even begin to count. But for a kitchen, stick to those which occur naturally. A simple glance out of the window should give you an idea of the kind of shades that will work well. You want your kitchen to be a natural and light space, so using natural shades of green is a great way to achieve this.

Green Kitchen

You could also look at foods for your inspiration. Think about the shades of fruit and vegetables. These are fantastic natural shades that introduce some personality to your kitchen and make it personal to your favourite foods and cooking style.

Just be sure to avoid greens that don’t occur naturally. If you’re not careful, these could be associated with negative terms like illness and envy. As long as you shy away from these hues, your kitchen will be an inviting, positive space.

Draw in The Garden

As mentioned, green is a great way to introduce nature into your kitchen. So take advantage of this and use the colour as a bridge between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Pick shades from outside and take advantage of any large or floor to ceiling windows to let the natural light flow in.


This modern kitchen in Doncaster opens up onto the garden. It uses green subtly inside the space to tie the two together and create one, unified space when summer comes and the sun is shining.

Bear Your Style in Mind

How you use green in your kitchen will depend quite significantly on the style of kitchen you have and what you hope to achieve.

For example, if you have a traditional kitchen, you may want to use deeper shades of green for a classic and opulent look. However, if you have a country style kitchen, you may instead want to think about using lighter or even pastel hues for a kitchen that expresses the beauty of the rural landscape.

Think about which shade of green would best suit the style of your kitchen and also how much green you should be using. Too much colour can make your kitchen feel small and overbearing, especially in a modern or minimalist kitchen.

So When Should You Use It?

Once you’ve decided which shades of green best suit your kitchen and style, you need to think about how and where to use it. Here are some key areas you will want to focus on and how green can be used to create a unified and interesting space.


Green kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most obvious way of incorporating the colour into your kitchen. Take note of how much space is occupied by your cabinets. If your space is small, you don’t want it to feel dark or claustrophobic. Be sure to use light and pastel greens on your cabinets or even break up the colour with white or wooden surfaces and doors.

In a large and well-lit kitchen, you can feel free to be more creative and bold with your use of green on cabinets. Having a more open space allows you to use brighter shades and to use green across all of your kitchen cabinets. You can really think about crafting an impactful kitchen that will wow your guests.


Using green on your walls is another great way to include it in your kitchen. Be subtle and use green sparingly. Small additions like wall art and clocks can add to the overall feel of your kitchen. Balance green on your walls with the colour elsewhere to develop the flow and atmosphere of the space.

Avoid painting too much of your wall space green as this could seem over the top and could again make your kitchen feel smaller. Look at where the light falls in your kitchen and paint walls so that no areas of the room become dark.


Finally, accessories like plants and kitchen utensils are a brilliantly subtle way of introducing green to your kitchen and plants will help build upon the natural feeling of your interiors. Use them to provide contrast with white units and walls. This should make the space fresh and lively.


Accessories like tea-towels and a well placed fruit bowl are great finishing touches that will help your kitchen feel lived in. Use open storage like hooks and hang up green kitchen utensils and ensure that your space doesn’t appear too stark or empty.

Green Is a Perfect Fit for Kitchens

The colour green is a perfect fit for kitchens. As long as you play to the colour’s advantages by using natural hues to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, your kitchen will be bright, fresh and a great place to spend your time.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch.