The bathroom can be one of the hardest rooms in the home to use space well. There’s a lot to consider and a lot that needs to be fitted into your bathroom, whatever its size. But, even if your bathroom is small, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can make the most of your space and ensure that you have that perfect bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Here are our tips for maximising space and creating a stunning bathroom:

Plan Clever Storage

Firstly, you’ll need to think about how to hide away all of the clutter, bottles and unsightly bathroom cleaners that you just can’t avoid having. Creating clever storage is the perfect way to do this, while still maintaining a spacious look.

You could consider installing a vanity unit with drawers or cupboards that can hold most of your toiletries, and also obscure any sink piping in the process. Most modern vanity units are sleek and well designed, so won’t detract from the style of your bathroom.

If you have high ceilings, you could also install shelving above your doorway. The space above the door is perfect for small items like toilet rolls and keeps them out of the way and out of the line of sight. In fact, most visitors will probably never even notice it. You could go even further and build shelving into the higher parts of your walls. If your ceilings are particularly high, but your floor space is limited, this trick could be just right for making the most of your space.

Beyond this, any small nooks or oddly shaped areas can be turned into custom shelving or storage. You need to make the most of every part of your bathroom, so turning unused or awkward spaces into clever storage will ensure no spaces go to waste.

Increase Floor Space

As well as making the most of your high wall space, you’ll also want to ensure your floor is as open and clear as possible. Having a clear floor helps build the sense of space and can make your bathroom appear larger than it is. In contrast, a cluttered floor will make your space seem claustrophobic and small.

Floor Space

To free up more floor space, you could mount fixtures to the wall rather than the floor. A floating vanity unit and toilet can really make a difference and make your bathroom feel bigger. This also creates a little extra storage space if you need to use it. Having floating fixtures rather than floor mounted ones can help your bathroom space flow better and make it more visually interesting.

You should also avoid cluttering the floor with bins, toilet roll holders or anything else that takes up space. Not only will this make your bathroom easier to clean, it will also expose more of your floor and keep the room light and open.

Create Niches

Not all of your bathroom walls will be solid or load bearing walls, so take advantage of your walls by building niches into them. These are small sections that are cut back to create storage spaces that are perfect for things like towels, or the soap and shampoo bottles you just can’t hide away. Every extra saved space really counts, especially if your bathroom is on the small side. Niches can be created on walls or even in your shower to add extra space.

You can be as creative with niches as you like, creating hidden spaces or even extra storage cupboards in your walls. For small rooms, niches can be a godsend if you use them well. You could add shelving to your niches or hide them behind the door so that visitors never even see them.

Use a Pocket Door

If you have a small or compact bathroom, the door will likely take up a lot of space and limit where you can place fixtures in your bathroom. Using a pocket door that slides into your wall, rather than swinging open, can be a great solution to this problem.

Having a pocket door is not an option for everyone, and will add an extra cost to your bathroom. However, if it is available to you, a pocket door frees up so many more possibilities for using the space in your bathroom. It will enable you to place large fixtures like the bath closer to the door, creating more space elsewhere in the room. A pocket door will allow you to plan out the layout of your bathroom in whichever way creates the most space, rather than having to work around the limitations of the room.

If you have a large bathroom or an en-suite, using a pocket door can also be great for opening the bathroom up into the next room, creating a unified space and letting in more light. This trick is perfect for opening your bathroom onto a dressing room or walk in wardrobe and creating that full pampering experience.

Make it Monochrome

Using too many different colours in your bathroom can make it feel smaller and overbearing. For a light and airy bathroom space, stick to one or two light colours and use them in large blocks. Light walls coupled with plenty of natural light will really make your bathroom fresh and bright, without having to use too much colour. You could complement the light colours with plants for flashes of green and a natural look.


If you really want to add more colour to your bathroom, you could use an accent colour to add a splash of colour that doesn’t clash with the light and airy atmosphere you are looking to create. Stick to neutral colours for your towels and fixtures as well as for you walls. You don’t want to undo all of that great work your done elsewhere in making your bathroom uncluttered and clean.

Add Visual Tricks

Once everything else is accounted for, there are a few extra tricks that you can take advantage of to utilise your bathroom space just that little bit better.

Use large mirrors in your bathroom to create the illusion of extra space. A large, feature mirror can make a huge difference to smaller bathrooms. They can add extra light and stop your space from feeling tight and enclosed. However, an insider tip from us is to stay away from mirrored medicine cabinets, as these could potentially add more bulk than space.

Another great trick is to use large floor tiles. These can make the room seem bigger, especially when coupled with floating vanity units and toilets. They can create an impression of more floor space and make your bathroom seem bigger than it really is.

Finally, removing skirting from around your floor can also make the room seem a little bigger and can help the room flow into your shower, so that it doesn’t end up looking like wasted space and integrates well into the rest of the room.

In Summary…

There are plenty of tips that anyone can use to make the most of their bathroom space, no matter what the size of the room.

Our three key bathroom space takeaways are:

  • Use natural light
  • Use neutral colours
  • Explore your storage opportunities to make the most of your space

Using natural light, neutral colours and doing everything you can to create an open, uncluttered space will result in a bathroom that’s perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long day.

Have you been making the most of your bathroom space? Get in touch and share your photography with us on Facebook and Twitter or if you’d like to find out more about how we can transform your bathroom, don’t hesitate to get in touch.