When decorating your bathroom, the colours you choose can transform a plain, lacklustre room into a refreshing escape within your home. Whether you’re looking to create a spa-like retreat, a fun powder room or an elegant master bathroom, the colours you use can completely alter your space.

Wall Colour and Style

Calming Neutrals

Neutral tones are a popular choice for bathrooms, and if the rest of your home uses mostly neutral tones, continuing this colour scheme into your bathroom can create a beautifully calming space.

Shades of white, grey and other muted colours are ideal for creating a soothing room, and lighter tones will keep your bathroom feeling spacious and airy.

Cool toned accent colours such as a dusty rose, duck egg or teal, and metals such as chrome and silver, will complement and retain an understated colour scheme, while adding interesting features to brighten up the room.

calming neutrals

Glamorous Bolds

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom, painting your walls a deep, rich tone can be the perfect way to do this.

Plum, burgundy, navy, or chocolate walls can give a depth to your bathroom, and create a very unique atmosphere that simply can’t be achieved with lighter colours.

If you are daring enough to paint your bathroom walls a bold colour, you can amplify this enchanting colour scheme with warm metal finishes, such as golds or coppers. Taps, shower heads, mirror frames, and even soap dispensers in complementary metallics will add to the warm of the room, and transform your bathroom into an undeniably elegant and luxurious retreat.

For those who don’t want to paint an entire wall a bold colour, using tiles on the lower half of your walls, and a more neutral paint above them, can lift the room and incorporate a deep colour without the intensity of a fully painted wall.

Accent Features

Statement Bath

A statement bathtub can be an interesting way to bring colour into your bathroom.

Whether you opt for a fully metallic bath, such as the copper bath trend, a matte paint, or a professionally painted bath with a gloss finish (like the one used in our recent project shown below), a statement bathtub will introduce colour in a unique and standout way.

statement bath

Coloured Storage Units

If you’re looking to include plenty of storage space in your bathroom, cabinets, shelves and other storage units can be the perfect place to add some colour.

Installing cabinets with boldly coloured exteriors will create an eye catching focal point and add a unique dynamic to your overall colour scheme. However, for a more subtle approach, if you choose to use storage units with glass or partial glass doors, painting the interiors will add a touch of colour, without being too harsh or overwhelming.

If you want to create drama with the colour of your storage units, using a black gloss paint may be a daring move but will have a breath-taking result that gives an air of glamour, and a gloss finish will reflect the light to keep the room feeling fresh.


Hanging your favourite pieces of art on the walls is a great way to inject colour into any room of your home. Not only does looking at art you love make you feel happy and at ease, it can be an elegant way to incorporate bright colours into a bathroom.

bathroom artwork

For more neutral colour schemes, striking pieces of art that fill a wall can be a beautiful contrast to create a bright focal piece in the space, or a collection of small, neutral toned or monochrome pieces will give a softer, more understated effect.

Furniture with Colour

The trend for bathrooms at the moment is that they are increasingly starting to look more like living rooms, so if you have the space, be sure to include bold coloured furniture in your bathroom refresh.

Not only will including furniture such as armchairs (or even sofas if you have the space) in your bathroom be a practical luxury, different coloured fabrics and shapes in the bathroom will prevent the room from feeling boring and allow you the opportunity to bring your personality into the space.

Incorporating a coloured piece of furniture such as a bright yellow armchair or a more whimsical floral print chaise longue will add a fun dynamic and give your bathroom a unique and personal feel.

Soft Furnishings

Another way you can introduce colour to your bathroom can be through the use of soft furnishings.

If you do have seating in your bathroom, you can incorporate varying textures and complementary colours by using cushions or throws to cosy up a room that can otherwise be quite the opposite. If you have more neutral toned seating, cushions that use bright colours and patterns, such as this yellow cheetah cushion from John Lewis are a great choice, whereas more muted cushions may be a better option for bolder pieces.

soft furnishings

If cushions and throws in your bathroom aren’t for you, however, colour can be easily used through bath mats, or even a large rug. Whether you opt for a single block colour, or something a little more unique, tailoring these staple, functional pieces to fit your colour scheme can be a great, subtle touch.

The same can also be said for your towel choices. Choosing towels outside of the usual whites and creams and instead using items that tie in better with your overall colour scheme can make your bathroom feel more complete.


While this isn’t a way to introduce colour to your space, if you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with enough privacy to allow for a large window on one wall, positioning a statement mirror on the opposite wall will cause the natural light to be reflected around the room.

This will not only make your bathroom feel larger and more airy, it will lift any colours you do choose to include in your bathroom and help them stand out even more.

Choosing a Colour Scheme

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom, the most important thing is to choose a colour scheme that you love. In order to create a space that you can truly relax and unwind in, you need to make sure that you create a room that makes you happy. If you’re looking for more inspiration for how you can refresh your bathroom, take a look at our bathroom portfolio.