The kitchen is the central hub of your home - it’s not only where you cook and eat, it’s the main gathering place for friends and family. The style of your kitchen can tie the whole home together so here are a variety of factors that need to be considered in choosing the right style.

Modern Barn Kitchen by Twenty 5 Design

Kitchen Architecture

The architecture of your house is a factor to be considered when looking to design a new kitchen. If you live in a Victorian period home, then a contemporary kitchen with a minimalist look and contrasting colours would appear out of place, just as classic kitchens wouldn’t fit in newer, more modern homes.

If, however, your desired kitchen conflicts with your house’s architecture, incorporating both modern and traditional features to create a more transitional style can bring the two contrasting styles together.

Other Rooms in your Home

If the other rooms in your home follow a similar style or colour scheme, then choosing a style for your kitchen that follows the same theme will ensure the kitchen fits in with the rest of your home and doesn’t feel too detached.

If your house contains mostly neutral tones and textured furniture and has a cosier feel to it, then a traditional kitchen would be the perfect fit, whereas modern kitchens would feel more appropriate in minimalist, brighter, airy homes.

While contrasting styles can work beautifully, designing your kitchen in an entirely different way to the rest of the home can often be too much of a change, and make the room feel like it isn’t even part of your home.

Contemporary Kitchen by Twenty 5 Design

Layout of Your Home

The layout of your home will also contribute to the style you choose. While this will not always be the case, more open plan homes will feel like a better fit for modern and contemporary kitchens, as a common feature of these is bright, open space. Islands also work well within modern and contemporary styles, so for more open kitchens, these are a beautiful feature.

Function of the Kitchen

The ways in which you use your kitchen will, again, determine the style and layout of your kitchen. If your kitchen acts as the main place to entertain guests, then ensuring that you have a design that maximises the space (usually, but not limited to, modern and contemporary styles) in your kitchen is vital.

Alternatively, if you live in a busy family home, then contemporary and modern kitchens may not be the best option as high gloss finishes and stainless steel appliances could very quickly become covered in children’s handprints.

The ways in which you cook will also influence the style of kitchen you will require. If you have a love of cooking and use your kitchen often, then maximising the amount of counter space you can use, as well as a style that accommodates a larger cooker, will be beneficial.

Traditional Kitchen by Twenty 5 Design

Your Personality

Factors outside of your home will also play a part in choosing a kitchen style. Your personality, likes, and dislikes will influence the colour schemes you picture in your home. If you like to incorporate bright accent pieces, a contemporary style will be the perfect fit, whereas a preference for woods and neutral colours will better accommodate a more traditional style.

Finding inspiration in the clothes you wear, or your interests, will provide an idea of the features and accents you want in your kitchen, and working closely with your designer to identify these will help you grow closer to choosing the perfect style.

Talk to Your Kitchen Designer

Meeting with your designer and discussing the different style options available to you ahead of the design stage will mean they can help you find the style that fits with your home and your lifestyle.

Here at Twenty 5 Design, we will carry out a comprehensive survey of your home to ensure we fully understand the structure and fabric of your property, as well as taking the time to get to know you so we can incorporate appliances that will suit your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Style

With such a wide variety of factors influencing the style that is the best fit for your home, working alongside your designer to identify the features and design elements that are most important to you will ensure that you choose your perfect kitchen style.

If you are still unsure of which style is right for you, or would like to discuss your plans for your new kitchen further, do not hesitate to get in touch.