With Spring underway, and the promise of Summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to decorate and bring all the best parts of the outdoors, indoors.


1. Succulents and Cacti

Decorating with succulents and cacti is a great way to bring the outdoors inside this Spring. Not only do plants immediately liven up any space, they require far less maintenance than flowers and are versatile enough to use as a unique centrepiece or as a subtle way to brighten up an empty surface.

2. Tree Trunk Coasters

Your current coasters are probably easily overlooked, but switching them out for some charming tree trunk coasters will give a rustic touch to your coffee table, whilst still being practical.

3. Accents of Colour

Greens remind us of plants and nature, while shades of blue are reminiscent of water and clear skies, so placing small decorative pieces on any empty shelves or counters is a simple and elegant way to incorporate these colours into your existing décor.

4. Stone Vase Fillers

In any nature inspired home, stones and pebbles are a staple. Filling a trio of vases with stones and pebbles adds a strong, yet natural look, and can be used as candle holders, or simply as a decoration in their own right.

5. Sticks and Twigs

Placing a variety of decorative twigs and sticks in a tall vase is a subtle yet classic nature-inspired floor piece that will instantly give your space a homely and pastoral feel.

Wicker Basket

6. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are practical and versatile, and will give your room a sense of being close to nature. Use one to hold your books, blankets, or even cooking utensils to create a clean, Arcadian look.

7. Accent Fabrics

Using accent pillows, blankets, rugs, or other accent fabrics in your home is a great way to invite nature into your interiors. Floral, foliage or even bird-patterned fabrics are an easy way to inject some life into your living space.

8. Fruit and Vegetable Displays

An easy way to integrate nature with your décor is to use your food. Instead of piling all your fruit into its regular bowl, display your fresh fruits and vegetables in clear containers to add a touch of colour and natural beauty to your home. Oranges, lemons, and red, yellow and green peppers are great for these kinds of displays.

9. Reed Diffusers

Bringing the outdoors in doesn’t only mean changing the appearance of your home – the scents brought into your space will also have an impact. Reed diffusers are available in a wide variety of fresh or floral scents and, unlike scented candles, don’t require you to light them so you can be transported outdoors as soon as you enter a room.

Sunlit Room

10. Let In the Natural Light

It is often forgotten that natural light is the easiest, and arguably most beautiful way to bring the outside in. Using light curtains, and remembering to open them during the day, will allow the sun to pour into your space and make the whole room feel bigger, brighter and more alive.

Inviting nature into your home doesn’t have to mean impersonating Snow White and letting birds fly around your home - it’s as easy as a few accent pieces or adapting your colour schemes.

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Image credits: flickr: stacie, wicker paradise, epsos .de