Spring is a great time for decorating. There’s more sunshine to brighten up your home, there are green shoots and cherry blossom everywhere you look and it's hard to ignore the sense of optimism that follows the previous cold and dark months. These decor ideas should give you some inspiration for your kitchen and bedrooms …

Spring Wreath

1. Spring Wreaths

Lots of us hang elegant wreaths during the Christmas period but you can also use wreaths for spring. A nice floral wreath placed on your front door will create a rustic and homely feel before visitors even reach your door.

2. Golden Eggs

Eggs are synonymous with Easter but you have to be careful to avoid creating something that looks clichéd. A nest of faded, golden eggs is a nice unique accent piece and can be a fun crafting activity to enjoy with your children or grandchildren. Dye your eggs using a variety of colours and then brush them with copper or gold paint to give them a luxurious, metallic look.

3. Baskets

Rural-looking baskets are definitely a great Springtime addition if you don’t want to make too many drastic changes to your current décor. Fill a simple woven basket with some clover or daffodils and place it on your table or beside your window as an alternative to a vase or glass.

4. Floral Nests

Another Spring alternative to vases are floral nests. By harvesting some daffodils, tulips or daisies and placing them in an artificial nest of twigs and branches, you can really bring an Easter feel to your home. These look great as a table centrepiece and they’re a nice talking point for visitors to your home.

5. Blackboard Quotes

Whilst a blackboard isn’t strictly limited to Spring time, it does help to give a rustic, authentic tone to your kitchen. Hang a blackboard plaque on one of your cupboards and then chalk on some Springtime quotes or you could even draw a simple bird or some flowers if you’re feeling artistic.

Watering Can Decor

6. Watering Can Décor

Whilst Spring time always brings a lot of florals to mind, they can quickly become clichéd if you’re arranging them in your trusty old vase. To bring a more unique sense of style, try arranging fresh flowers in an old copper or brass watering can to add a point of interest to any room.

7. Wellington Boots

Whether you find April showers frustrating, having to dress for all weathers, or comforting as they gently water the garden, there’s no denying that they’re a constant for British Spring time. Why not bring the outdoors indoors with some decorative wellington boots - add some long-stemmed flowers for an interesting floor piece.

8. Clear Bottles

If you have an unused window ledge, fireplace mantel or table-top, you may want to occupy them with a variety of clear, vintage-style bottles filled with water and fern leaves. The bottles could be unused vinegar decanters, wine bottles or even jam jars but having an assortment works best. The whole scene gives a refreshing and cleansing feel to your room.


9. Egg Cup Organisation

If you’re a busy worker, it can be hard to keep your desk and living space organised. Placing some egg cups around your home or on your desk is a useful way of keeping staples and pins in one place. Not only a decorative piece but a decluttering tool!

10. Bird Art

There are plenty of birds that come out of hibernation during Springtime and you can reflect this theme with simple understated pieces of framed art to hang on your walls. Again, this is a great decorative piece if you already have frames you love but are ready for a fresh look.

We hope that these have inspired you to create some Springtime accent pieces and we’d love it if you could take a picture and share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.