Our designer, Lucky Eckersley, will be running in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon and she needs your support in achieving her fundraising goal of £2,000! She will be running for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and despite how tough she knows the marathon is going to be, she’s doing it because of how much the charity means to her personally…

Lucy will run her marathon on 26th April and as expected, is feeling both nervous and excited - “Anybody that knows me knows why this charity means so much! I am not a great runner, so this is going to be tough. Love has made me do it …”

Over 100,000 people have MS in the UK and the charity works continually to improve the treatment and care of those with the complex neurological condition. Those diagnosed with MS often begin experiencing symptoms in their 20s and 30s and whilst it is unfortunately a life-long condition, the society works hard to find treatments that help make MS easier to manage. This is why the charity need support from as many people as possible.

Fundraising is crucial for the MS Society and it’s also crucial for those living with Multiple Sclerosis. For every £1 that is donated to the charity, 81p is spent on beating the condition, 18p is invested in generating further funds and just 1p is spent on governance.

It’s quick and easy to send your donation Lucy’s fundraising page. If you’re unable to donate, be sure to send her lots of support on our Facebook and Twitter pages.